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Enhance Systems

About Us

Enhance Systems

Enhance Systems Private Limited is an eLearning company based in New Delhi, India, and has been engaged in providing customized eLearning solutions for over 16 years. Enhance Systems was registered under the Companies Act, 1956 as a limited company on 17th December’ 1999. Enhance Systems focuses on design and development of state of the art Learning content and applications. Enhance customers include many Fortune 100 companies and reputed Indian companies, like AT&T, PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, Nestle, Hewlett Packard, Xerox, Ranbaxy, Canon, ICI, Bharti Airtel, Ernst & Young, DLF Premerica, GIZ, Whirlpool, BILT, Avaya Global Connect, IIT, ICICI Bank, Hindustan Unilever, IDBI Bank, Indiabulls, Reliance, Amway etc.


To grow to become a leading value based learning company


To develop a strong learning culture, which delights customers, partners and stakeholders


  • To be a value- based corporate citizen
  • To make innovative and challenging, intellectual implementations, a way of life
  • To energize the entrepreneurial spirit
  • To provide instructionally sound and cost -effective solutions

Our Services

“Delight through learning” is our motto, and we believe we have enabled superior learning for our customers through our “total eLearning solutions” services which include developing:


Content Development

Compelling courses for different training needs for sales and marketing, human resource, banking and finance, customer service and soft skills etc. Learn More

Human Resource Software

Abreast with the latest technology to produce state-of-the-art eLearning software which is tailored to suit our customer’s very specific needs. Learn More

Learning Consultancy

Helps organizations realize the potential of learning by advising a conceptual and practical approach to learning and specially e learning. Learn More

Learning Management System

Developed a low-cost learning management system (LMS), integrated with a variety of features and benefits. Learn More

Hosted LMS

Customizable, Super-Easy, Responsive, Hosted learning platform to train people and leave a long-lasting effects of learning. Learn More

Job Enabling Courses

Ready to use courses which meet specific individual needs of the learner and reflect our passion to create engaging courses which are highly effective. Learn More


HTML5 Courses

Experts in creating device and platform compatible HTML5 courses which includes high quality drawings, videos, animation and many other rich content. Learn More


Language Translation

Specialises in developing and translating eLearning courses of English to both Foreign languages and Indian regional languages. Learn More


Audio Based Courses

Experts in creating audio based highly indulging courses through which learning content can be delivered to farthest corner of the world. Learn More

Mini Video Nuggets

Experts in creating 3-4 minute elearning videos for organizations looking for refresh the knowledge of the employee trained. Learn More

Certification Engine

Certification or assessment engine can be developed for any learning course with pre-setted guidelines. Learn More

Old Course Updation

Specializes in decompiling, recreating or restructuring the old content of the course with latest recommendations for course to run on any device. Learn More


About Us: SkillsCreating and delivering effective instructional interactive multimedia solutions, which require the concerted efforts of people, with a wide range of skills. At Enhance, projects are handled by a multi-disciplinary team including:

  • Instruction and Curriculum Designers
  • Computer Graphic Artists
  • Animation Experts
  • Computer Music and MIDI Composers
  • Digital Audio/Video Engineers
  • Videographers
  • Language Translators
  • Content Experts & Technical Writers
  • Computer Programmers
  • Project and Quality Managers

Here you can create the content that will be used within the module.

Our Story

This is a story of values and capability being used to start and run a consistently profitable business successfully with absence of politically rightness in day to day operations and decision making.

This business started with meagre capital. There was not enough money to buy even a computer but with the marketing and system knowledge and the security of values it bought system after system and recruited people after people to join the mission.

One after another orders came in from the best of names across the world. The portfolio grew from content development to products to software development to consultancy to retail products to ecommerce with IT being used to tap the business in most domains. The potential is tremendous because it is a debt free company with the share holding still completely with the founders. Effective low cost learning has a vast need across borders and and is the core competency of Enhance.

With a simple and spiritual outlook the business has reached where it is today.

Founders and Management

Vineet Sabharwal

Vineet Sabharwal

Vineet Sabharwal is a co-founder of Enhance Systems Private Limited, a company providing the entire spectrum of corporate learning needs. Vineet has over 15 years of experience in online learning industry including e-Learning content development, Learning Management Systems, web applications, project management and account management.

Vineet started his career at CMC Ltd., as a software engineer in 1987. After spending almost 5 years, in the retail banking applications development and implementation domains, he moved to Kale Consultants Pvt Ltd., another company specializing in retail banking solutions. In 1994, Vineet co-founded Empower Software, an off-shore development company producing cutting-edge multimedia applications involving graphic designers, programmers, instructional designers, and project managers. Empower Corporation, the US based parent company broke new ground in the areas of simulations, games, performance support, and story-based learning environments. Empower was awarded Company of the Year in the Innovation Category by NCEITA (North Carolina Electronics and Information Technology Association) in 1998.

Vineet is a Chemistry graduated from St. Stephens College & a Post-Graduate Diploma holder in Computer Applications offered by Board of Technical Education, Delhi

 Prashant Khanna

Prashant Khanna

He is one of the founders of the company. He is an entrepreneur with a degree in engineering. He has over 20 years experience in Sales and Marketing. The last decade in Enhance has given him a chance to polish his instructional design, software engineering, management and strategy skills. He is an avid follower of spiritual literature and most of his learning has this as the guiding light. Other spiritual literature of various religions is also of immense interest to him. He is passionate about the merging of religion with modern day business practices.

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