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Hosted LMS

Hosted LMS

Please Note: Server and Hardware cost will be additional.

*per month charges.

  • Additional customization, training, on- off-site support or Integration with other internal systems will be charged extra as per the Man-day effort, decided mutually. Cost for per man-day effort is INR 17,000.

Please Note:

  • Video courses are categorized under special courses which will need additional streaming server which needs to be purchased by the client. There are two streaming server easily available in the market. (click the link to know more about the server)

1. Adobe Media Server 5 Professional – (Approx. Single License Cost – INR 290,000-300,000)

2. WOWZA – (Approx. Single License Cost – INR 110,000-120,000)

  • Additional SQL software is needed in case of high volume of user access
  • Additional Server costing, SLA & data centre details can be given on demand
  • Password has upper case, symbol, numbers least count
  • Limited number of tries
  • Time limit for no action
  • One access at a time
  • Server side and client side validation
  • Session and data encryption
  • Data base encryption
  • Logs of action
  • User rights
  • Error logs
  • Possibility of no print screen

Infrastructure Design

This section describes the authentication mechanisms, servicing and control infrastructure and client infrastructure for the Enhance LMS.

Operating System and Application Software Specifications

The OS and application versions required to be running on the deployment server are:

  1. Windows Server 2008 or later with latest service pack
  2. IIS 7.0 or later
  3. .Net Framework 3.5 Runtime
  4. SQL Server 2008 or later with latest service pack

Enhance LMS Application’s Development Platform details:

  1. Environment: Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 (.Net Framework 3.5)
  2. Application Language: C#
  3. Database: Microsoft SQL Server 2008

Enhance LMS Application Deployment Architecture:


Architecture – Features

Presentation Layer

The Presentation Layer is designed to hosting the user interface of the application. It contains all the .aspx pages and .ascx user controls along with Ajax/JavaScript and CSS files. The methods responsible for getting data from the database will be referenced only directly from Business logic layer or from Web Services or Web API.

Business Layer

The Business Components layer contains all the core functionality of the application. The purpose is to hold all the custom logic that is applied on the methods that are exposed from the Data Access Layer before they are referenced in the Presentation Layer or the Services Layer. And, all functionality has been defined using methods which help override the existing functionality whenever the application needs to be customized as per customer requirements.

Data Access Layer

The Data Access layer contains functionality for Creating, Returning, Updating, Deleting items into the database, which helps to move data in & out of a database. In this layer, we have used technologies like ADO.NET. This layer should only be shared by the Business Logic layer.


Security features like Code Access Security in the Common Language Runtime of the Microsoft .net Framework, plus other features like Content filtering, Session cookies and Triple DES Algorithm password security are available.


We understand that each framework deployment requirement is unique, which is why you can customize the framework according to your learning needs. Enhance LMS has the capability to host and manage the system after assessing your existing infrastructure. It is a scalable platform that can be ramped up to respond to your needs rather than requiring you to work according to its strengths.


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