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Case Studies

Case Studies

Elearning Case Studies: Challenges & Solutions

The following list contains cases studies of some complex problems which Enhance has successfully handled. Click each link below to read the case study.

Enabling Productivity Improvement on the Shop floor


A prominent engineering conglomerate in India recently introduced a process to create a new paradigm of productivity in the shop floor. They commissioned Enhance to create posters for their shop floor employees for increasing awareness about the process.


Instead of standalone posters, Enhance proposed a set of flipchart posters that could be used by the shop floor in-charge to educate small batches about the process and to encourage them to incorporate best practices into their day-to-day working.

In view of the level of the audience, Enhance designed a visual-rich flipchart with minimal text.

  • Powerful visual analogies were used to help the learners understand the significance of the new process and how it would benefit them.
  • Before and after images were liberally used to explain its impact on their work environment thereby encouraging them to try it for themselves.
  • The flipchart was bilingual (in English and Hindi) which would allow the shop floor employees to browse through it as and when they needed to and would enable supervisors to do quick and short awareness sessions.
  • Roadmaps were provided in between to structure the learning and to help the learner’s internalise it.

Besides, enhance also provided branding support by creating an easy-to-remember and powerful slogan for the initiative.


The flipchart served as a three-in-one communication:

  • A collateral that created a buzz and was easily digested
  • An accessible reference point
  • A training support

The flipchart received positive feedback from the shop floor and was also appreciated by the foreign partners.

Enhance creates a new level of workability


A large telecom company wanted to initiate a Functional Skills Assessment (FSA) process. The need was critical to identify the role-specific functional skills development needs of employees working in crucial verticals / roles.


Enhance had provided it’s Learning Management System to the organization and that had already reached 100% employees in India and neighboring countries. Enhance was invited to design and develop the FSA interventions on the same platform.

For each intervention, process followed was:

  • Back end database of Functional Skills Inventory for verticals / roles designed by the L&D team
  • Back-end Skills mapping that will define the skills and their proficiency levels required for all roles within the verticals
  • Back-end employee role mapping was done

How the intervention worked:

  • Employee uses the Skills Assessment link to start the Self Assessment
  • System will display the complete functional skills dictionary of the vertical and will allow the employee to do a self-assessment of the skills mapped to his/her role
  • Once employee submits the Self Assessment, system will trigger an email to the Reporting Manager (RM)
  • The RM will see his/her list of subordinates, with their Self Assessment status
  • On clicking any employee’s name, his/her self assessment data will show up and the RM will be able to enter skills assessment for the concerned employee in a new column next to the employee self-assessment
  • Once the RM submits the assessment, the same will be locked and can be viewed by the RM (for all his/her subordinates) and also by the employee
  • A PDF based FSA outcome report is instantly available to the employee and the RM


Enhance developed 4 different variants of the assessment interventions for,

  • 100 odd Business Managers
  • Finance vertical, with a target population of 900 odd employees
  • Customer Support vertical, target size 2500 odd employees
  • HR vertical – 80 odd employees

For each of the intervention, the system has the facility to configure different roles, skills-set, rating scales, rating inference and finally, the assessment report.

The system generated the final assessment PDF, accessible to the employee and RM, is used to discuss the individual development plans. At the L&D level, the system supported vertical-wide generation of reports on individuals’ assessment, RMs’ assessment, skill-gaps and the development needs. At a collated level, the FSA database created an entire inventory of the functional knowledge/skill development needs required to address the gaps identified across the vertical. This would help in planning the development interventions.

Enhance automates a critical sales process


A leading ayurvedic and herbal skin, personal and oral care products company had witnessed a sharp growth in sales over the last couple of years. However, its Daily Sales Reporting was being handled manually. That was resulting in a delay of at least 2 weeks at the Head Office to get a clear picture of movements in the markets and products.

This curtailed their ability to align the production and supply chain with the market movements and create an even faster acceleration.


The key challenge was to provide an intuitive, visual Sales and user-friendly DSR entry interface and work-flow that would allow a not-so-tech-savvy sales person to enter DSRs, view target versus achievement, mark on-market days, etc. The DSR capture interface was designed with product pictures (for immediate and easy product recall), with the flexibility with the sales person to design his own product order, basis his sales patterns and market conditions. Also, the retailers sequence within the days’ beat was made sales-person customizable to make the outlet selection and data capture easy and intuitive.

HR Administrator frontend allows for creation of new users and deletion. Besides, it handles users’ leaves and productivity data management.

MIS Administrator frontend allows for management of key sales related data management, like, JC planner, Beat definitions, Retailer/Outlet management, Individual sales targets, etc.

The application has been live for 4 months and the new geographies are being on-boarded in phases. The success of the application is measured from the fact that the sales teams get 2-hours of group training and that has been enough to get them started; with almost zero support demands coming from the field.

Enhance develops a module on Effective Business Writing


A leading national bank had an urgent need to train its employees to develop effective business writing skills so that their written communication could be clear and precise.

In view of the large audience, they wanted to develop an elearning module and Enhance was invited to present a solution.


Enhance conducted a detailed analysis of the specific needs to be fulfilled through such a module and also the target audience for whom the module was being developed.

Then, Enhance designed a simple yet effective module in three parts.

First, a hard-hitting opener helped the audience appreciate the relevance of the module for them. Next, the grammar section introduced learners to basic grammar rules through practical examples of common mistakes people make in their written communication.

A variety of interactive exercises, quizzes, and puzzles were used throughout the module to first help the learner identify or correct the mistake and then, comprehensive feedback was provided to aid in understanding the specific grammar rule applied in that particular scenario.

Finally,learners were introduced to common etiquette used for writing effective emails. Again, a variety of exercises combined with theory helped the learner apply their learnings immediately.

The content delivery approach combined with intelligent graphics, animations and exercises were used effectively to make the module a well-directed practical guide to aid to improve communication and enhance performance at work instead of being just an academic exercise.

Learning & Development (L&D) Portal for a Leading Financial Services Group


The group has been using Enhance Learning Management System for last 3 years, covering employees from 11 group companies. The group HR wanted to reach out to employees with more communication around the Learning & Development philosophy, initiatives, processes, etc. An elaborate L&D portal was conceived as the vehicle to drive this communication.


Enhance was invited to design & develop the portal, which is accessible to all employees of the group through a single signup route. The portal provides a combination of generic and role specific information, depending on the users’ credentials. Besides the L&D philosophy, leaders’ messages, the portal provides complete information on the various Behavioral, Skill and Functional training. This includes the program coverage, audience, Calendar, nomination process, faculty, etc. The portal also provides access to thee-learning LMS, again through the single signup route.

At the backend, the portal administrators are provided frontends to manage dynamic content items on the portal. These include Photographs, Leaders’ messages, announcements, learning nuggets, etc.

Enhance helps US based large FMCG company course and certification localized for India


A large FMCG needed to certify learners who have achieved a level. Enhance was asked to develop a complete program.


Enhance made the program to have 4 levels. First the content was given then an interactive course was built followed by mock certification and final certification. The program was made in 3 languages namely Hindi, Tamil and English. The learner could shift between languages during the course. The entire certification was also in Indian languages. The entire engine for certification was made in India and put up on the US based LMS with multiple browsers. As before this entire program ran on an international LMS.

Enhance remodels e-learning modules made in USA for the Indian Market


A major world renowned FMCG (Fast moving consumer goods) company had many e-learning modules in the US market. There was a strong need to convert those modules for the Indian market. Enhance was chosen to remodel those applications.


The source learning modules were in Lectora. Enhance converted those modules to a draft story board. Enhance then worked on the story board to add value both instructionally and localize them. The changes in the modules depended on the type of module. After the story board was approved by the customer, the Enhance media team then treated the slides and remade slides to make it both instructionally and visually appealing. A large number of the audience had Hindi and Tamil as their preferred language. The modules were translated to the respective languages. Audio was also recorded in Hindi and Tamil and integrated into the English versions. The American English was also recorded for Indian English.

Further Enhance also worked on the SCORM packaging to make them run on major browsers and on the principals LMS (Learning Management System).

The work got praise from the e learning team in US for a job well done.

Enhance fast-tracks placements of Indian Air Force employees


Indian Air Force has over 25,000 retired and shortly-retiring Officers as well as PBOR, with an experience of minimum 15 years, in various fields with good academic qualifications like M Tech, B Tech, MBA, MCA etc. As part of its post-retirement rehabilitation IAF supports these retired and shortly-retiring employees to get suitable corporate jobs. IAF has a Placement Cell handling this need but considering the number of people involved, the process couldn’t have done without being IT-enabled.


Enhance designed and developed an Internet portal, called IAFPC.CO.IN, that can be simply defined as job matrimonial.

Considering the sensitivity of information being shared by the employee to a prospective employer and to control the kind of employers that are able to avail of the services of this portal, an elaborate set of checks-and-balances were created.

After a grand launch of the service over 2 years back, the portal has received an overwhelming response from IAF employees and corporate. The user-friendliness of the application, coupled with the irrefutable quality of people that IAF has to offer to the industry, this portal has been a milestone in the placement services of IAF.

Just to share some statistics, today IAFPC.CO.IN has – about 15,000 registered employees

  • over 1500 registered employers
  • average open vacancies about 250 per day
  • over 6000 average monthly hit on the site

Besides placements, the application supports the employees in areas like,

  • Handling interviews
  • Writing resumes
Enhance prepares content for an innovative concept for a venture in finance and banking


Senior bankers from leading multinational banks were venturing out to start a venture in the field of finance and banking (FAB Mentors and Advisors). The objective was to provide new employees which were Job Fit and Market Ready. These were candidates working in sales organizations wanting to make a career in finance and banking.

Hence, they were required to go through a skilling course which would ensure that they would hit the ground running. The focus was on insurance and wealth managers. Enhance was awarded the contract to develop the content for such an institute.


Enhance had historically developed content for the training and HR department who in turn used it to achieve business goals. In this case top management from business was to evaluate the content and train students. Hence Enhance needed to re-look at their approach to the development process. The emotional connect was to be higher. Also what the adult learner would have learnt in a single interaction needed to be made simpler. The near adult learner in the form of a student needed a bridge between this institute and his career. So the content needed to be simpler and with repeated interactions in various forms of involvement needed to be thought through. A large volume of raw content was provided by the customer to Enhance. This had to be structured and made simple yet practical for the challenges in the learner’s career. This was done with a lot of real world interventions. Time was also to be made available to the trainers and hence the content was to be made precise and clearly presented in the form of graphics and diagrams.

Sixty hours of content is now ready and the first batch of learners has started building their careers through mentoring and advice at the very beginning of their corporate life.

White Paper on coaching and its evaluation


Reckitt wanted to get the coaching culture into their sales organization. Enhance was called to design a strategy to implement the same.


Enhance decided to implement the program in 3 stages.

Stage 1: Getting the sales supervisors and their supervisors reflect and prepare themselves for the coaching way of thinking

Stage 2: Make the supervisors practice being coaches and get set practically for the same

This was set rolling in the following ways

Stage 1: Making up the mind: A coaching workshop was organized for the senior managers. They were to train the junior members. In these sessions exercises were carried out which helped the mind get ready for the job at hand. These included reflective exercises on when, what and why of coaching, self reflection, self assessment and improving coaching skills games and exercises. It was debated whether e learning modules online could be do the job. Enhance had done so for many other sales organizations using learning management systems for simulations and cognitive learning. However coaching needed a more divergent thinking and reflecting process, which was not the case in other programs. The learner was prepared thus prepared cognitively through classroom sessions on the coaching attitude.

Stage 2: Getting fit practically: Then a model of coaching implementation called NURTURE was presented. Enhance put forward that although there were many cases where simulations had worked for counseling and leadership but for coaching the evaluation and learning would be more effective through face to face role plays. Each member carried out role plays on the same. Each role play was video recorded and presented to the audience. The audience and the master coach evaluated the same. Thus the team of learners went down the learning curve on coaching.

Stage 3: Finally the learners will go on the field and implement the coaching learning. This learning will be tracked on the internet for qualitative, quantitative and business parameters. Enhance had already implemented such evaluation projects for a couple of fast moving consumer organizations. The effect on business and people was evaluated effectively. Based on these self and team evaluation data the further strategy for coaching will be decided and worked on. This stage is still being implemented in Reckitt.

This complete course construction and evaluation was implemented at extremely competitive prices. Both these cost Reckitt about $15,000/- only. The classroom logistics, printing of manuals and internet usage was extra. Enhance has implemented over 470 hours, 8 LMS installations and 12 performance management software at such rates.

Stage 3: Convert the learning into behaviors and track its impact on business and people

Enhance did a module on Time Management


Ranbaxy wanted to put their values in action on an e learning platform. This way they would reach the employees across the world and be a support their performance management process. Enhance was called to give the technology, content, instructional and media solution.


Enhance designed an e learning infrastructure to host the various modules. The maximum pull was towards managing time better, hence a time management module was agreed upon. Enhance did extensive research on Time Management. Finally the module contained sections like managing ones self, setting a direction, setting goals, planning and prioritizing, implementing the plan, continuous improvement and life and time management. There was careful choice of media. Animations, graphics, videos and audio were used around stories, cases, interactions, exercises and quizzes. Small clips of audio visuals were also seen bringing out the messages better. An electronic diary was designed based on the teachings of the module to encourage active learning. Since the intellectual property was with Enhance, this module was used in other organizations too and got excellent response from the users.

Enhance does technical product training and simulation for Avaya


Avaya was providing high end EPBAX systems to many large customers in India. These systems were complex and needed end user training. It was difficult to provide training just at the point the user needed training on any particular feature of the system. Enhance was asked to design a WBT to make this just in time learning happen.


Enhance decided to design a system which had 3 components. The feature, a demo and a do it your self. Hence a user would get the steps to implement a feature by means of an audio, step wise text and a demonstration. Once the user had gone through a feature he would be given a do it your self simulation. The user would try out the feature on a system simulation on the computer. This would make sure he would not make a mistake when he went on the system. The user would search for the feature by means of search or a roadmap / site map. The WBT was provided on CDs and intranet so that the customer could also have it working on their internal networks. This CD was widely circulated among the Avaya customer base.

Telecommunication Company does Information Security Policy with Enhance


A telecommunication company had introduced its information security policy. It had to reach out to the entire company in record time.


On the LMS of the company also supplied from Enhance, we provided an abridged version of the policy. The content was treated instructionally and was accompanied with Audio and Graphics. At the end of each part of the program an interactive case was put. This allowed practical implementation of the policy, to be tested by the individual users and hence get ready for the real world. The cases were scored and a competition organized online. The top 50 users were given prizes. In one weeks time about 350 users were certified. At any one time about 100 users were connected to the application.

Enhance designs sales simulation for ICICI Bank


ICICI bank was expanding in a big way. The sales force was increasing its reach. It was necessary to train the experiential sales force across the country.


Enhance decided along with ICICI Bank to design simulations on the intranet for the above. This was the best way to train sales force. The simulations start off with a test to judge the capability of the user on the selling skills.

The test is followed by a result sheet. This result sheet shows where the user is weak. The learner has the option to get the necessary knowledge from the system. This is followed by the users getting a sales target for the day. The learner has to choose his call sequence from a set of customers to achieve the target. Then he enters the simulations. Various scenarios come up and the user has to choose from a set of options. The right option makes him go to the next step while the wrong option takes him down a decision tree till he recovers and comes back or the call is terminated.

This way the user keeps trying to make the calls as optimized as possible. At the end of the simulation the user gets an audit trail as to what was his flow in the program. He realizes from the report as to where he choose the right option and where he was wrong. He also gets the right option and the reason for the right option in case he was wrong. This is a great learning metaphor for a reflective sales person. The back end MIS gives the top management all data on the variables of learning.

Enhance makes modules to handle retail chain


A leading FMCG (LFMCG) had realized that the major accounts and retail chains have grown and have a huge potential in the future. LFMCG needed a training module to train their existing sales force on this new channel.


Enhance was asked to develop such a module. Enhance made a structure in the beginning however there was a need to input the experiential knowledge in the module. Enhance used their past experience in the segment and some field visits to build the module.

This was iterated with the management at LFMCG. Enhance went through four cycles of iterations between the field, management and managers to build the module. The module eventually had all aspects that a Key Account Manager would need to do a complete job from macro to micro level. The content developed with the help of LFMCG was exhaustive and some parts need to be edited to fit into the needs of the company. This module is being rolled out by the management of LFMCG

LMS now available on low cost and pay per user model


The competitive pressures in the LMS industry made a leading direct to home company (DTHC) ask Enhance if the LMS provided by Enhance could be given in an ASP model. This would mean that DTHC would use the Enhance LMS and only pay per user.


Enhance started working on the solution. Enhance found a cost effective server provider. The challenge on the LMS in the ASP model is that the courses are heavier than normal pages and a lot of pages are opened per user hence a server provider who would give a higher bandwidth and larger data transfer at a reasonable price was chosen. Enhance also made sure that the data base was provided at a low cost.

The usual LMS needs a higher investment in the RDBMS. With the server provider challenge closed, Enhance went ahead to prepare the LMS as a product. However in the present form it was to be a combination of product and service. Services would need to be provided to customize the pages, change the masters and login pages.

Enhance has decided that the future would be like a product and would need minimum investment in the customization. Further the challenges of SCORM content porting from third party providers was next overcome with Enhance assistance. Enhance helped the third party provider to play videos and streaming media files on the LMS. At present the media rich induction program has been put on the LMS and is available to learners in DTHC.

Now prospects can have an e learning LMS as a pay per user model.

Fountain Machine Training CBT developed for Coca Cola


Fountain based aerated drinks dispensers are widely used by the Coca Cola Company as these obviate the need for managing glass/plastic bottles. However, these machines are globally sourced from couple of manufacturers abroad. So, the level of training available to the technical teams, responsible for the maintenance of these machines has been a growing challenge. Also, the quality of the drink dispensed is greatly dependant on periodic house-keeping, quality of water, syrup, temperature, etc., and these parameters need to be managed by the outlet. So, they need to be trained as well on this day-to-day management of the equipment and ingredients.


A detailed, interactive and flexible CBT was created for the two primary users, Technical Team and the End-users. The flexibility of the CBT is defined through the XML based backend that handles the media management of the CBT, thereby allowing the Coca Cola’s administrator to generate variants of the training module by themselves, based on the audience-needs.

The collateral created is a rich collection of pictures, videos, interactive flash-based diagrams/circuits/machine-parts, etc. Professional Voice Over talks the learner through the complexities of parts, maintenance, trouble-shooting, repairs/replacement, etc.

To avoid unauthorized use, the CBT can also be enabled of user-specific key/password option, valid for a administrator-defined period of usage time.

The collateral is being reviewed by other Coca Cola markets for them to get their specific and language versions created.

Enhance does a make over workshop


A leading FMCG (LFMCG) company had a premium range of make up and make over products. A paid training was to be given to the distributors on how to look better as well consult their customers on how to make them look better with the Amway products.


Enhance was called to design such a module. Enhance made a structure in the beginning on the features, advantages and benefits of the product and how to consult and sell better. However LFMCG felt there was a need to give a complete grooming value addition to the module. Enhance extended the scope to grooming. The structure of the module consisted on the basics of skin care and grooming. Further the module took one through reflective exercises on how to look better especially with the LFMCG products. The skills to improve one’s looks were gone through in videos and do it yourself exercises. Finally role plays on how to consult ones customers and offer better make over and grooming tips was enacted. The module was very well received in the first few roll outs.

Enhance meets challenges of business with an LMS for Reliance Life Insurance


Reliance Life wanted to get into e learning. The amount of content needed for the advisors was against aggressive time lines.


Reliance Life asked Enhance to meet the challenges. Enhance approached NIS to partner with them for content. NIS was the supplier for insurance content and Reliance Life was comfortable working with the NIS insurance team. NIS had little technical knowhow in developing e learning content. NIS till now had an external vendor to convert the e learning content into Flash. Considering that bottle neck Enhance considered making the content with the help of the NIS content experts.

However the business requirements in terms of time and depth of content could not be covered with the conventional e learning processes. Enhance decided to use tools to make the content. Enhance trained the NIS content experts on the tools. The path seemed clear. NIS content team was now churning out content. Enhance customized the LMS in terms of the home page, reports and screens. Enhance had initially checked whether the content from the tool could be used by the LMS. Enhance needed to tweak the content from the tool to be totally SCORM compliant. Reliance Life benchmarked the system to work on low band widths however the tool had given heavy files. The response times were very high. Enhance did an ABC analysis of the files and found innovative ways to reduce the file size.

This was the first time where the customer had provided the server. Till now Enhance had bought a server from hosting providers. Enhance overcame many technical challenges and went ahead with the project. Eventually the site was open to the advisor community. A help desk was provided by Enhance to take care of any problems the learners may face. Reports were generated for top management. A few reports had to be customized. Thousands of advisors took the course and were certified. The success of this model encouraged Reliance Life to use the LMS for training other business needs and audiences. Other learners like new recruits and sales managers have been trained and certified using this mode of learning. This improved the knowledge of the organization to a large extent.

Thus the instructional, technical and media experience of Enhance is making learning happen for audiences which are large in number, geographically apart, have time limitations and need good standardized content and management which needs reports on learning quickly and real time.

Enhance had made a customized cost effective LMS for ICI


The period was about 8 years ago. ICI wanted to experiment with on line learning. The budgets were minimum, but the concept of elearning was to be tested in those budgets.


Enhance got together a solution where all that was needed from ICI was their IT infrastructure. There was to be no other investment in software, RDBS, LMS of hardware. A LMS was made which could run from Windows server. The tracking was made with the LMS talking to LOTUS Notes. The application not only supported the normal content, with interactions like drag and drop, match the columns, fill in the blanks etc but it also supported simulations and case studies for complex topics like Basics of Marketing. This solution was well accepted and ICI got the award for most innovative solution from HRD Network. The launch was well designed and an elaborate marketing plan was put in place to spread the word about e learning in ICI. Enhance provided support for the plan with games and mailers.

Enhance had made an Interactive Leadership Game for Fritolay


PepsiCo had an exhaustive and detailed leadership manual, which was difficult for young managers to comprehend.


Enhance was called to make the manual more interesting. It was mutually decided that a leadership game would be designed. Enhance along with a consultant submitted 4 story lines. These were a history game, a science fiction game, a jungle game and a desert survival game. The desert survival game was chosen by Frito Lay. This game starts with the build up to the game. A plane crashes in the desert and the only people able to reach the survivors are in a resort nearby. The four modules of Frito Lay Leadership manual starts of with a recap. This is followed by a scenario and the user had to choose which option he would select. The learner is scored accordingly. Then the solution to the game and linking up to the principles of Leadership module is done. Various climax set the scenarios that the user had to choose for the leadership game.

Finally after facing challenges like disagreement on approach, shortage of water, short length of the runway etc the survivors are rescued and the Olympic torch which is on board reaches the stadium just in time for the games to begin.

Enhance had done a program on interactive finance for non finance executives


ICI had just introduced their e learning program. There was at the same time, a need to spread awareness of Finance in the company. Enhance was to find a solution.


Enhance made an interactive story based (anchored instruction) program. Uncle Scrooge’s story of starting a business and making it a big success was how the learning proceeds. As Uncle Scrooge got money and ran his business the financial concepts are described and discussed. At various stages in this e learning module were interactions like drag and drop; fill in the blanks; match the columns etc to build and test ones learning. At the end of the program there is a certification, in which the user answers random questions from a database of questions. Depending on ones performance one is awarded a certificate.

Enhance had done an Induction Program for Ballarpur Industries Limited (BILT)


BILT had just achieved a major turnaround around 1999 – 2000. The recruitment was on in a major way. It was necessary to give induction programs in a standard and professional manner. BILT was across the country with many businesses, factories and locations. Reaching out with a consistent message was very necessary.


Enhance did a needs analysis and came up with an exhaustive structure on the content of the program. This was followed by a detailed script which covered various aspects of the organizational needs of the program. Finally Enhance did a major shoot at all the factories to bring out the manufacturing process and hence prevent expensive travel of the new joinees to the locations. Animators made animations of the processes to bring it out pictorially and diagrammatically. Rich professional voice artist accompanied the eye catching graphics of those days to give the mood of being part of a great company. Quizzes and interactions made the leaning very interesting. Content covered history of the group, major companies and departments, policies, strategies and values. Finally the 3 hour CD was dispatched to all the locations. The feedback from the new joinees was very encouraging.

Enhance makes an LMS on simulations for sales force on skills and competencies


HUL (Hindustan Unilever Limited) is the largest FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Group) company in India. It has a large portfolio of products and brands. These products were handled by an army of salesmen and managers. With every new product, brand and promotion was accompanied a need to map the skills and competencies of the sales force with experiential knowledge. Every new initiative needed fine-tuning of the relevant skills and competencies. The number of competencies and skills needed to train the sales force was large in number. Competitive forces needed the sales force to be well equipped for every new situation they may face in the field. If was getting difficult to get the sales team into classroom sessions for all the training programs. Besides the sales force were very experiential in nature and the utility of the classroom was questioned. HUL had an intranet based on the less popular Sun systems. If a technology solution had to be designed it had to be on this platform.


Enhance decided that simulations was the best way to train experiential sales people. Especially because situations close to the problems of adults seemed to work well to make them learn. Work began simultaneously on all the skills and competencies. HUL appointed a SME (Subject Matter Expert) on the project. The SME was to provide the experience of the field to Enhance. He was met and the project flow was decided on. It was decided that Enhance would do research on the various modules and give a structured document to the SME. The SME then verbally let the Enhance instructional designers know the situations and options available to make the simulations. Simulations on programs like Analytical Ability and Leadership were designed in the pilot taking role plays from the day to day problems faced by the sales force. IPR to use content for these simulations was got from publishers and subject matter experts. This IPR was to be acknowledged in the beginning of each module. Content from experts and trainers in the HUL system was tapped. The design was ratified by an SME in HUL at 3 levels using a well tested instructional process. In the first level he ratified the structure and in the next level he approved the storyboard drawn out by the instructional designers. Finally he ratified the prepared final product. Iterations were carried out at each stage to make sure relevance and learning was happening and not lost. Thus the modules were ready for roll out.

Enhance reprogrammed the existing Microsoft LMS into Sun OS compatible LMS keeping the investment in systems and software at the minimum level.

These simulations were scored like games. Each sales man got his score as well as the scores of the top performers. Competition was to be created all over the country. The results from all across the country were available to top management through an elaborate MIS over the intranet. The whole country could see how the learning was progressing across teams and departments.

Results: The pilot got excellent response from the sales force in the test market. They were delighted with this new mode of learning. The program is still to be rolled out across the country.

Enhance does General Banking Operations module in semi simulation mode.


ICICI Bank has been growing very rapidly. There was a need to train a large number of non banking professionals on general banking operations. This module had to take the new learners through the module in a near to real life situation.


Enhance suggested a new way of handling the module. At this stage no simulations were prepared for ICICI bank. Enhance decided to take the path of semi simulations. ICICI Bank agreed to test this new way of training. Each learning objective was converted into a simulation. The learner would approach the computer in the form of an employee of the bank dealing with a customer. As the customer would go through the transaction the employee would answer his questions with interactions. In case the user would give the right answer he would be allowed to go ahead. In case the learner gave a wrong answer he would be guided towards the right answer. The branch manager as the mentor would come at various stages with new challenges and summaries. In this way a very conceptual subject like general banking operations was made into an experiential learning model. This was for a long time one of the most popular and liked module in ICICI Bank. A similar module was prepared for other banks.

Enhance LMS live at leading finance company


A leading financial company wanted to leverage e-learning to create a paradigm of ongoing knowledge and skills upgrade across various business verticals in the enterprise. Enhance was one on the companies approached for the same.


After a competitive bid Enhance was chosen to provide the Learning Management System and content development services. That is, Enhance would be the one point support for the complete roll-out, including server hosting, users and content databases management, bandwidth, help desk, etc.

This project is ‘live’; successfully implemented by the project team constituting Training Managers and Subject Matter Experts from the customer and Enhance’s Project Manager, media ; software teams.

Enhance has made a counselling simulation for ICICI Bank


ICICI Bank was recruiting in a big way. At the same time young managers had to lead teams quite early in their careers. There was a need to impart counseling skills across the organization.


Enhance designed a simulation on the LMS in ICICI Bank. The existing LMS did not support simulations hence Enhance built it in such a way that if would integrate with the LMS and give reports on the usage as well as the skills and competencies imparted. The simulation would give the user conceptual knowledge on counseling to start with. Then the user would get the counselee in front of him.

The simulation would take the user through the counseling process. This would be like the real life situations in ICICI Bank. Background data would be provided to the user. Then the user would then interact and give wrong or right answers. If he gave right answers he would go ahead. Otherwise the session would end with the counselee feeling de-motivated. A mentor can be invoked at any stage to give guidance. Similarly at the end of the session the user would get an audit of the process and his progress with constructive feedback. This helps in giving experiential feedback to the users.

The back end gave data on the user’s performance and usage across the organization.

Campuses in India use Enhance LMS


ICICI Bank wanted to implement e learning across campuses in India. There was a strong need to provide knowledge on Banking and Finance to the students in India. The objective was to prepare students to be absorbed by the Bank on passing out. Enhance was asked to provide the LMS and integration know how.


Enhance requested ICICI Bank to consider their LMS for the above project. ICICI Bank has already worked with other 2 LMS vendors, including a large international LMS. ICICI Bank evaluated Enhance LMS and decided to implement the solution from Enhance. What was at one time a requirement of about 30,000 concurrent users grew to an estimated 500,000 registered students across the country. Enhance was asked to give a guarantee on performance. Enhance benchmarked the LMS on some leading hardware vendors. The benchmark was very successful. Enhance then got into the implementation mode. Courses from the existing LMS were ported on the Enhance LMS. There were many challenges but these were handled successfully. Till now Enhance LMS was implemented for various corporate requirements. This was the first time Enhance LMS was to be used by educational institutes. The customization also was handled in record time by Enhance. From hosting the LMS on a temporary server to handling service calls from the students of the colleges, Enhance has provided a single window solution for the above mission.

ICICI Bank has got excellent response from the education institutes and many colleges want the students to be prepared to join the banking, finance and insurance world.

Enhance makes CD version of LMS e learning courses


Some Enhance customers who wanted to make versions of the LMS (Learning Management System) courses to be available even when internet was not available and can be seen in the employee’s free time away from office.


Enhance decided to make a transition of all the courses on a CD. These courses were on Enhance LMS as well as other LMS including an international LMS. These were SCORM courses. Now even when the employee was not connected with a connection or a not so good connection the courses could be accessed. For another customer made an offline up-date to tracking elements like score, course progress etc. Both these courses allow one to see the course offline as well as up-date the LMS.

These are part of the transition services offered by Enhance to move courses from one LMS to another. Thus, preventing a loss of investment in an old LMS.

360 degree feedback on learning for Hindustan Lever


Hindustan Lever (HLL) was holding leadership programs for its management. It was necessary to get feedback and monitor the program.


Enhance designed a software application that would help the trainee invite colleagues to give feedback on some fixed variables on the leadership programs effect on the every day working. After sending the invitation the invitees would get the required input. This program was running over the intranet of HLL. There would be triggers to the nomination and feedback. An administrator backend would allow the users to change the variables of the feedback. There was a back end to see various MIS reports on program participation and employee feedback.

Enhance automates needs analysis for training


Five years back Ranbaxy was investing in IT across the country however the usage of this investment left a lot desired. Further there was no way to find out which individual needed what training and how one could bridge the learning gap. Enhance was called to find a solution.


Enhance along with Ranbaxy identified those skills that an IT common user in the company used. These were broken into different courses and levels. In order to find out which user needed what training the courses had tests designed. Each user on the basis of his requirement would enter a trial certification. This would be followed by a report if he had passed the test. If the user chooses, to go through self learning modules he could do so to improve his scores. Content on the normal packages were provided on line. When the user was confident that he wanted to take the official certification he could do so. The result of the certification was either a clearance that the user does not need further training or a nomination for a course. Various reports were designed to give the management the various demographic, regional, time bound, organization and user reports. These reports helped design the training calendar and schedules.

Similar needs analysis could be used for any skill or competency in the organization.

Enhance prepared Avaya sales force on Sales Contract Process


Avaya was going to take over Tata Telecom. As per Avaya standards the contracts with the customers had to be tighter and there had to much more awareness of the ramifications of the sales contract clauses.


Enhance with the help of Avaya made a story board with sections like Why, What, How and Objections against each clause of the sales contract process. This was delivered across the organization via the LMS designed by Enhance. Each clause also had experiential role plays which allowed the users to check the practical implications of each clause.

At the end of the course was a certification which allowed the management to see how many had understood the course. The scores besides other MIS gave a clear picture on what aspects of the clause needed better management and coaching.

This was widely used in Avaya and had excellent reviews in the entire sales force and employee community.

Enhance had done an e learning project on Basics of Marketing


ICI had gone into e learning 8 years back. ICI wanted a showcase course to launch the program inside the organization. It was decided that Basics of Marketing would be launched.


The course starts off with an attention grabber. This is followed by content on marketing. Between, the course, there were many interactions like fill in the blanks, match the columns, drag and drop etc. Then the user enters an interactive case of launching a car in South India. On the computer the user launches a car and decides on the variables of Marketing. At the end an expert comes and compares the solution given by the user with that the expert had thought of. This is followed by a certification on the theory of marketing.

Enhance has completed a Business Excellence e learning Module for a Telecommunication Company


A telecommunication company had implemented its Total Business Excellence initiative. Part of this was the certification of the employees on the knowledge of the program. Enhance was asked to develop an e learning program for the same.


Enhance had already supplied the LMS (Learning Management System) to this company. Enhance put together a module in which the employees are asked questions by the LMS system. The content of the questions were provided by the telecommunication company. The question bank covered key learning objectives of the program. The user accessed the system with tries at the questions. The users had to try the questions till they got the right answers. Once they got the right answer they could move to the next questions. This cycle of reflection, choice and feedback suited the problem learning model of adults.

The backend provided an exhaustive set of reports. Reports of special interest were number and names of certified employees and details of uncertified employees. These were used to track the organizational effectiveness of the program.

About 400 employees were certified within a week.

Enhance supports a leading bank train its employees at their branches to sell loan products to visiting customers


Till very recently, sale and queries related to loan-products were handled by a special executive positioned at some of the branches. Customers with loan-related queries were directed to this executive who was well-trained on this subject. However, this strategy was proving to be a bottleneck for the bank, in providing superior and prompt service to their customers. Therefore, they decided to upgrade the skills and knowledge of all their executives at the branches so that loan-related queries could be handled by all the executives, thereby enhancing customer experience. Enhance was asked to develop a training module on loans.


Enhance started developing the module with a clear strategy: Develop a module which would not only provide knowledge about the loan products sold by the bank but would also help the executives use their knowledge to deal with customers and their queries effectively.

The module began with a catchy opener which established the need for learning about loan products: that the Selling process should begin immediately when the need is felt and should not be delayed.

Learners were provided an overview of how banks earn money, thereby establishing the importance of their role in selling loans to customers.

Each loan product, and its features, was explained in detail with the help of graphics and quizzes. Then, interactive real-life scenarios between executives and customers were presented to help learners experience the real thing.

Descriptive feedback was provided with each scenario to make the learning more comprehensive.

This module is live and is being used to train employees at the bank branches.