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Learning Management System

Learning Management System

Core LMS Component:


  • Combined LMS
    • General
      • *This demo is a self running video version demo of our CLMS which shows all the features of both elearning LMS and Classroom LMS.
    • New LMS Admin
      • *This demo is a clickable HTML5 version demo of our Latest LMS
    • New LMS User
      • *This demo is a clickable HTML5 version demo of our Latest LMS
  • Elearning LMS
    • *This demo is a self running video version demo of our Robust Big Elearning LMS.

Training Management System

Certification Engine

Virtual Classroom

360 degree feedback

Mobile Enabled:

LMS on Mobile devices

Mobile based just in time learning and certification

CD / offline with DRM

HR Add-on:

Needs Analysis

Coaching Monitoring

Placement Portal

Talent Management System

Skill Competency Mapping

Succession Planning

Social Networking Learning (Under-development)

Content Management:

HomePage for School LMS

Simulation & Games ICICI BANK
Select Level – Expert
Customer – Rupam


Lms transition, Course Update Services and Help Desk

Low-Cost Learning Management System (LMS):

We are one of the leading learning management system (LMS) providers in India with service experience of over 16 years. Our fully customizable, secure, fast and robust eLearning management system (LMS) has been installed in more than 14 onsite locations and numerous on Hosted Servers. These are Airtel, Avaya Global Connect, Xerox, IIT Delhi, ICI, Reliance Life Insurance, Reliance General Insurance, ICICI Bank, Bharti Infratel, Hindustan unilever etc. Also, there are modules on simulation working at ICICI Bank which is a LMS by itself. Our extensive experience as an LMS providers acts as a solid base for providing software learning solutions to train people and leave a long-lasting effects of learning for small, medium, large organization or a training company. Our elearning management systems (LMS) is also integrated with a strong certification or assessment engine to access the learning gaps of the learners with pre-setted guidelines. These test helps reinforcing the new information learnt and records the learner’s progress. Our secure elearning management system easily handles data exchange of over lakhs of learner with 99.5% of Uptime. Some of the core features of our elearning management system (LMS) are:


Fully custimizable as per the need of the client with branding and design guidelines.

Robust Reporting

Very easy interface and robust reporting to access the gaps of knowledge in the learner.

Responsive Design

Designed to run on any device (Desktop, Tablet or Mobile) with minimum re-sizing, panning, and scrolling.

Secure Platform

Already handling huge data exchange with high number of learners.

Scorm Complaint

Complaint to run all the modern era courses effortlessly.

Payment Gateway

Payment gateway features can be integrated easily on the requirement of the client.

Our LMS is a perfect blend of old style secure learning software with new style responsive design and has helped clients win many accolades and awards.

List of Clients:

  • Saint Gobain
  • Videocon
  • IIT Delhi
  • ICICI Bank
  • ICI Paints
  • Bharti Airtel
  • Reliance Life
  • Hindustan Unilever
  • Avaya Global Connect
  • Wealth Advisors
  • Xerox
  • Reliance General Insurance
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  • Delivery of e-learning (Educational)


  • Reports


  • Corporate

ILT / classroom management

  • Screens


  • Reports


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Needs analysis

  • Training Needs assessment system
  • Modeled around extensive, domain knowledge-based, pre-quizzes
  • Output in the form of recommended learning paths
  • Admin back-end for mapping learning needs across users, with filters like, function, location, designation, etc.

Skill competency management

  • System works on a skill map for various functions in the organization
  • Skills inventory is also maintained for each member
  • Skill gaps are presented to the users
  • System proposes various training programs to cover the skills gaps and allows online nomination requests
  • Users attendance & performance in training programs updates his skills inventory


360 degree feedback

Classroom Nomination and Feedback System for Hindustan Lever

  • Intranet based Leadership program nomination system
  • Designed for top managers who will come as a team for program nomination
  • System allows the participants to invite 360o Feedback from their colleagues
  • Auto-mailers on nomination status, feedback requests, etc.
  • Admin backend for maintenance of programs, participants, feedback questionnaire, etc.
  • MIS on program participation, participant 360 o feedback, etc.


Coaching monitoring

  • Internet based Performance Measurement system to effectiveness of training being provided to Distributors’ Sales teams
  • Physical training delivery being carried out by an independent agency, with a over 4500 trainees and about 300 trainers
  • System allows multiple levels of access for Hindustan Lever managers & Training agency users
  • MIS for different managers within both the set of application users
  • Over 50+ reports on various business parameters
  • Auto-mail facility for key business reports to various Business and Profit Center heads
  • System in use for over one and a half year
  • Has received very high acceptability and success across all levels of users and management


Simulations (Level: Expert; Person: Rupam)

Succession planning

  • Maps competencies for various organizational functions and designations
  • Competency matrix of all individuals is maintained
  • Competencies of any individual can be updated any time
  • Output on succession plan is generated in the form of sorted list of eligible individuals
  • Gaps, if any, are highlighted for a succession decision to be taken


Content management

  • Tool for managing ongoing projects
  • Multiple projects, multiple role definitions
  • Date wise tracking of activities across projects
  • Effort versus budget tracking
  • Project plan shifts, delays with reasons
  • Graphical reports on time spends – project wise, resource wise
  • Output in XLS, RTF, DOC formats for convenient reuse & maintenance


LMS CD / DVD version

  • CD based multi-course delivery platform to cover the user population that is not on the Intranet
  • Open-ended backend that allows courses to be viewed the same way as are available over the Intranet

Certification Engine (Stand Alone) – Saint Gobain

  • Learner


  • Admin


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Talent Management System

  • Various Users have different rights
  • Update of all talent management data
  • Search on various fields possible
  • Spread and distribution of talent through various reports