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Job Enabling Courses

Job Enabling Courses

Enhance systems launches online job enabling courses which will be a stepping stone towards a promising future for the learners. Our eLearning courses are especially customized to meet specific individual needs of the learner and reflect our passion to create engaging courses which are highly effective. They are an effective blend of instructional design theories, intuitive graphics, engaging animations, multi-branch simulations, interactive content, quizzes and case studies. Our team of instructional designers, visualizes, graphic artists and animators work closely together to ensure that each course is valuable yet unique.

As an introductory offer, we are giving our course “Enhance your English” at just Rs. 100 per module of learning and Rs. 600 for the entire course. Click on the Icons to view the course details.

Enhance your English is a ready made Elearning course that helps improve written and verbal English for effective business communication. It has several episodes with increasing levels of difficulty, which help in enhancing English in a step by step manner. After completing each Episode, there is a test to put the learning’s into practice. With more than 10 hours of audio, hundreds of graphics and animations, many interesting interactions and examples specific to Indian culture.

It covers a range of topics such as proper greetings and introductions, avoiding confusing words and phrases, proper pronunciation, writing emails & notices, reducing written mistakes, improving vocabulary, dealing with collegues, giving a presentation, negotiating, conducting conference calls & meetings, resolving conflicts, lunch with customer etc.

Master Teleselling online is a set of simulation based modules which will help the learner, hone and develop their tele-selling skills that will enable them to sell effectively.

These modules will help the leaner Identify the appropriate process for tele-selling, Prepare for a telesales call, Hone basic listening and speaking skills, Greet the customer appropriately, Use effective questioning techniques to gather pertinent information from the customer, Use effective techniques to handle customer’s queries and objections, Use appropriate closing techniques to close a call etc.

The module is covered through 6 levels. Each level gets more and more complex with respect to the type of product and the complexity of customers or problems.

Maximize your learning is a ready made Elearning course that helps learner discover their learning style and establish how to learn best. learner mightbe thinking, don’t we already know how to learn? We’ve been doing this since we were a child.Then, what’s the need?

In today’s rapidly changing paradigms, the future surely belongs to learner. A lot has changed since we were child: for instance, we’ve gained in experience and now hold additional responsibilities of family. What was of extreme importance to us as a chil d is possibly not even relevant today. So, shouldn’t the learning process adjust to the different individual we are today?

Well! In this course, we will attempt to help leaner do precisely that: Learner will discover his/her learning style and establish how to learn best and be a winner.

Tele-support Skills A set of simulation based modules which will help the learner, hone and develop their tele-support skills that will enable them to resolve identified / unidentified issues of a customer. The course is covered through 6 Modules. Each module is different with respect to the type of the difficulty of the customer or problem.

Enhance your negotiation skills is a ready made elearning course which teaches the Techniques, Strategy and Approach for successfully negotiating and resolving points of difference both in a professional meet as well as in personal life. Whether in professional or in personal life, effective negotiation skills help us to lead fuller, more successful lives. This module will help learner develop and strengthen their negotiation skills which in turn will enable them to negotiate effectively.

This course includes animated story based scenarios, interactive slides, close to life multi branch simulations etc to enhance the whole learning experience and help the learner grasp maximum learning’s with comfortable speed.